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The NuScale Power Module™, at 50 MWe (gross) generating capacity, enables utility companies to correctly size their power plants for current needs, then add capacity as necessary. Since the NuScale Power Module is far less complex than other designs, fabrication and installation on-site are simplified. Off-site fabrication and assembly reduces cost, and components are delivered to the site in ready to install form. As a result, construction occurs in a shorter, more predictable period of time. The workforce required to construct NuScale power plants are measured in the hundreds, not the thousands. Our short 3-year construction schedule provides greater assurance that the plant will achieve operation before unforeseen external events impact the schedule.

The NuScale Power Module has no reactor coolant pumps, no external steam generator vessels, and no large-bore reactor coolant piping. This translates into lower cost to fabricate, install, operate, maintain and decommission, thereby reducing the life-cycle cost to produce energy while lowering operational risk.

In fact, many elements are less expensive, and more efficient, with the NuScale technology.

A NuScale power plant requires a smaller footprint than a traditional nuclear power plant.

NuScale plants are also adaptable to demand. Additional modules can be added, providing scalability as electricity demand grows. With this approach, financial risks and costs are lower, and schedules are easier to meet.